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Getting a Bhutan Visa

Application for a Bhutan visa can be processs by a travel/tour agent through the Tourism Authority of Bhutan. Once the visa has been processed you will be sent a visa number (automatically forwarded to all Bhutan's National Air Carrier: Druk Air). Without a visa number, you may be denied boarding Druk Air's planes. A visa is then granted on arrival at Paro Airport for a total of US $30 (with US $10 tax, subject to revision by the Bhutanese government) for 14 days. You can apply for a visa extension for an additional fee.

In order to get a visa for Bhutan, you need to forward your passport details 4 weeks in advance to a local agent. Supply Name (exactly as it appears on your passport), Passport Number, Date of issue, Validity, Occupation, Nationality, Date of Birth and Home Address.

Note: Bhutan's National Tourism organization has embarked on a protection campaign to preserve Bhutan's as the Forbidden Kingdom of lore. The unofficial word is that yearly tourist numbers are limited to 6,000. Agents serving Bhutan are required to qualify tourists by charging a minimum of $200.00 per day for services offered.

Tourist Season: From March through November, December and February are very cold and itineraries change because of road blocks, due heavy snow, on the way to some parts of Bhutan.

How to enter Bhutan from Nepal: There are two flights a week between Kathmandu and Paro sector on every Monday and Thursday by Druk Air. The fare is US $190 per person for one way, US $380 return. The fare and schedule are subject to change by Druk Air, Bhutan's National Airline.You can also enter Bhutan by road. From Kathmandu, take a day/night coach to Kakarvitta in about 14 hrs, ugh! Or... fly from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur/Biratnagar (far east Nepal) and drive to Phunsoling at the Bhutan/India Border in approximately 5 to 6 hrs. The next day, you'll drive to Bhutan's capital city, Thimphu, in about 6 hrs.