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We are able to offer a unique volunteer programme where all of your contribution goes directly to the people that your are helping - you pay to the family directly as your host. This contrasts with many NGO programmes where much of your contribution goes on 'administration' expenses or worse - it is well known that many NGO programmes are just businesses where only a small percentage of donations/contributions they receive actually reach the people they purport to be helping.

In addition to being able to make a direct contribution, our programme provides the opportunity for two different cultures to positively influence each other. Participation will give enhanced your ability to see through man-made culture and religion to give a greater awareness of our human 'sameness' and the beauty of our differences.

Volunteer Programme in Bardia (West Nepal):

This volunteer programme has been designed for high school and college graduates or for those people who are interested in cultivating nature conservation awareness among the school kids in rural Nepal. Due to lack of proper education and awareness rural folks have been heavily dependent on the natural forest and wildlife, without seeking the alternatives to their needs. Our major target group is school kids because they are open to alternatives and eager to listen what we have to say. Above all they are the future of our communities. Apart from teaching English language in a local school, volunteers will attend conservation awareness programmes in a local community to share their knowledge about the deadly impact of destruction of natural forests. There will be occasional cultural programmes: for example a duet song and dancing competition on the Topic of Conservation and Gender Equality, in which volunteers will be assisting the local organiser to co-ordinate the programme.


  • Spread the importance of nature conservation among school kids.
  • Cultivate love for Nature among the kids.
  • Highlight the importance of wildlife and birds in our lives.
  • Help kids improve their English Language.


  • Teach in School: English language, drawings etc.
  • Teach kids about health and hygiene.
  • Attend local community meetings and highlight the local environment, especially sanitary system.
  • Help locals in community programme- building schools, toilets and water taps etc.


  • Experience of Living with the Family of different culture.
  • Learning by doing.
  • Volunteer Certificate after the evaluation of your activities.
  • Cultivate your competence in community development.

Cost (to be paid directly to the family) - 700 Rupees per person per night (two meals a day and accommodation in a local family). This cost covers:

  • Food, Accommodation in Local families.
  • One week of free Orientation Classes in Kathmandu (language & cultural codes)

Note: Bus transportation from Kathmandu to-and-from Ambassa and flight tickets airport pick up and programme in Kathmandu is Not included in the price.